January 2, 2013 - Breaking Beat

January 2, 2013 – Breaking Beat

Sistol - Remakes & Remasters

On the Soundscape spectrum, this show is definitely (defiantly) of the Cut And Run party. A collection of arcs each beginning with syncopated or poly-rhythmic timings and ending with something akin to Post-Beat™, categorized really only by tonal and timbral qualities. I apologize if the disorienting beats to follow reignite the residual headache still lurking in the corners of your brain since New Years (though it’s your own fault, really).

Stay tuned for more details.

1 – Entenga Royal Drummers – ‘Nsiriba Ya Munange Katego’- British East Africa – Uganda, 196X

2 – Mark Fell – ‘Multistability 4’ – Multistability – United Kingdom, 2010

3 – Zavoloka / AGF – ‘Blattlaus’ – Nature Never Produces The Same Beat Twice – Ukraine / Germany, 2010

4 – Autechre – ’19 Headaches’ – Peel Session 2 – United Kingdom, 2000

One of the most confounding, yet listenable, of Autechre’s millennial period. The break into the rising arpeggiation and hammering bass at around 5:00 is one of the better moments of their oeuvre.

5 – Technical School Of Bujumbura Group – ‘Warriors Of The Drum’ – Music From Burundi – Burundi, 1971

Recorded by Giuseppe Cotor, and deservedly reissued several times on both vinyl and CD.

6 – DJ PM – ‘O Último Grio’ – Bazzerk – 2012

One of my favourite releases of the year (danceable or otherwise) is this compilation of largely middle and northern African digital music. Released by the Swiss imprint Mental Groove Records, it ranges from Soukous to House to Garage to Kwaito. The recording quality varies as well, sometimes diminishing the music’s bass response, but just as often increasing its drive and eroticism. Full of contemporary digital examples of the poly-rhythmic beats that much music from middle Africa is known for (this track being just one example, more trailers below), this compilation is a great way to stretch the aesthetics (and countries of origin) of a DJ set. Definitely one to look for on vinyl.

7 – Vladislav Delay as Sistol / Sutekh – Kotka (Sutekh Parabolai Mix) – Remasters & Remakes – Finland / United States, 1999 / 2010

An off-kilter remix by Sutekh (Seth Horvitz) of a track from what is possibly Sasu Rapatti’s most obscure album – or was until the remastered reissue that includes this track appeared. Probably suitable for completists alone (and too minimal for floor), it is nonetheless an important seminal work for Ripatti, and creates from scratch the angst and atmosphere of his albums to follow.

8 – Jon Vaughn & Nuthre – ‘Clarification’ – Catch Symbolistry – Canada, 2003

9 – Trân Van Khê, Trân Quang Hai, Trân Thi Thuy Ngoc ‎– ‘Improvisation Rythmique Au Trong Nhac Le’ – Viêt-Nam: Nouvelle Musique Improvisée – Vietnam, 1976

10 – Venetian Snares – ‘Edgewood Park’ – Badminton – Canada, 2003

11 – DJ Clap – ‘Flashback’ – Premiere – United States, 2012

12 – Rustie – ‘Crooked’ – Jagz The Smack – United Kingdom, 2007

13 – Gescom – ‘Cake Mike’ – Skull Snap EP – United Kingdom, 2011

As our friends at Accordion Noir described it: `What happens when you drop your drum machine into the toilet.’

14 – Zanshin – ‘Drowm’ – What A Fine Mess We Made – 2011

From the compilation released on Affine, also featuring work by Dorian Concept and Ogris Debris. An artist worth watching, as he wanders about the post-IDM fields, setting tire fires.

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