December 26 - Dark Days

December 26 – Dark Days

_DSC0001 18-36-38A sometimes nostalgic rumination on the dark days we inhabit.

Ekkehard Ehlers  – A Life Without Fear – Ain’t No Grave
Loren Mazzacane Connors – Little Match Girl – Falling Snow
The Beans* – Tired Snow EP – Dark Cave At Creek

The Beans were a Vancouver post-rock band formed in 1995, comprised of Andrew Herfst, Tygh Runyan, Stefan Udell, Damon Henry, and Ida Nilsen. Sadly, they apparently called it quits in February 2004.

Amongst other achievements they permiated the Vancouver scene during this time, preforming throughout/occupying the Aquatic Center, and in a 24Hour show at the “Surgar Refinery”. RIP.

Wounded Knee – Shimmering New Vistas – River Song
Wounded Knee – Shimmering New Vistas – Atlana
Ennio Morricone – Death Rattle
Ekkehard Ehlers – A Life Without Fear – O Death
S. Arden Hill – #5 – Snow Fall in December
Sixtoo* – Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man – Pt. 3

This one time Vancouver son, has left his hip-hop roots, for more house-y territory, nostalgic i maybe, but, give it back to me!

Manitoba – Start Breaking My Heart – Dundas Ontario
Holtzkopf* – Thank God For Soft Times and Hard Beats- Grey Lahm (Psychic Blues)

* Vancouver/Local Artists