December 19, 2012 – Avanguardia

Gianluca Favaron

Perhaps Mario Monti’s time has come and gone, but the news that Silvio Berlusconi is considering running for the Prime Ministership of Italy is a depressing, if unsurprising, twist to the story. In an effort to renew our collective faith the culture of a modern Italy, and after realizing that I spent much of the last week listening almost exclusively to Italian music, tonight we present contemporary electroacoustic practice of its inhabitants and expatriates.

1 – Alessandro Bosetti – ‘Stand Up Comedy’ – Stand Up Comedy – Italy, 2012

I will say little about this track here, as its review here the other week under Soundscape Sanctions has most of my thoughts on the piece as well as some samples of Mask/Mirror (aka. the ‘interrupting machine’) at work.

Death By Water

2 – Fabio Selvafiorita & Valerio Tricoli – ‘Death By Water’ – Death By Water – Italy, 2011

Beautifully arranged piece of largely field-recording based composition, with huge dynamic and tonal range. The single 40+ minute track of which the album consists never sits still, and manages to move between very disparate environments with seemingly little effort. Only an excerpt would fit on this evening’s show, but I recommend finding the full album to properly hear the work.

3 – Luciano Maggiore – Untitled #5- Intersezioni Di Vortici, Studi Ritmici E False Chimere – Italy, 2012

Another album recently reviewed on Cut And Run here.

4 – Gianluca Favaron – ‘Outer Sky’ – Outer Sky – Italy, 2012

I first heard of Favaron’s work after @c’s excellent Re:Fujaco was brought to my attention by label founder Enrico Coniglio. Browsing Galaverna’s other releases brought me to Inner Sky (a worthwhile listen), which brought me to this (an essential listen).

There is some malaise towards field recording in much of the community these days, which is not entirely unfounded. I can’t count the innumerable albums from the last few years of unaltered field recordings of questionable intent (Manfred Werder et al. being notable exceptions), or else mixes which consisted of little more than the artist’s usual repertoire played over-top fields. Outer Sky falls into neither of those categories.

You can find Richard Allen’s review at A Closer Listen. For now, suffice to say that Favaron’s recurring fields are re-contextualized and synthetically reacted to in unique and fascinating ways. The resulting accumulation is both intimate and expansive in scope. Available on Bandcamp.

5 – Lorenzo Pompa & Marc Sabat – ‘Epistolae Cucumeris’ – Epistolae Cucumeris – Canada & Italy, 2012

A curious installation by erstwhile Canadian violinist Marc Sabat and the previously Italian Lorenzo Pompa, now both residing in the home of said installation – Berlin (really, where else?).

From the installation:

‘The music was created in response and parallel to Pompa’s sculpture “Set Candid” (a cucumber placed vertically in salt enclosed in a glass vitrine). The music is made from two mono recordings: on the left channel a choir of violins and electronics plays a sequence of natural harmonics and on the right channel a solo violin plays a gradually rising melodic line microtonally tuned to the harmonics.’

Get the full show, as a stream or a download, here.

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