Vincent Over The Sink ‎– 22 Coloured Bull Terriers

Vincent Over The Sink ‎– 22 Coloured Bull Terriers

Somehow still incredibly rare, as Vincent Over The Sink seems to have developed a bit of a cult following, 22 Coloured Bull Terriers walks a fine line between pop and avantgarde, clarity and obscurity, composition and jam-session. I can’t offer much more on the group than already written by Shaun Prescott over at Cyclic Defrost, which is where you can head for an interview with Chris Schueler (half the duo, the other half being Matthew Hopkins). You can also find a brief review posted at Mess And Noise. ‘Mice In The Ocean’ is by no stretch what I recommend as a preview (definitely the rockier and song-oriented side of the record), but I spend enough time online without additionally posting to YouTube.

Not the kind of release I would normally get behind, but for every gratuitous guitar pedal piece in the 23 track album, there is a blissful, archetypal oddity in tow. Part Gastr Del Sol, part Five Or Six, part Smog.

There is an old _________ [insert region/city/people here] joke: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Well, in this case you only have to wait about 2:30.

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Speaking of entities with cult followings, Kye Records released a 7″ entitled Dust Studies in 2011 that, at the time of writing, was still available from several retailers on Discogs.