December 5, 2012 – Weaving

I admit to some guilt as to the composition of this show – the previous week’s was rather well organized, whereas tonight’s consists mainly of a list I kept in my head for the past week of everything I heard and enjoyed (and was Soundscape-relevant). A bit of diversity of era and ethos to the mix, hence the title.

More details to follow soon.

1 – Robert Curgenven – ‘Gran Coda Andante’ – Oltre – United States, 2010

See the image above for an example of his typical live setup, and the video below for his show Live @ Cafe OTO in London 30.03.2011.

2 – Pacific 231 – ‘The Lost Judgement’ – The Lost Judgement – France, 198X

Oh, how I wish I had this cassette in hand . . . it is as accesible to you as to me, with thanks to our friend at Soundhead. Remarkably minimal for an age generally lacking in just that (which I’m sure you’ve heard me say here before – minimalism from the ’80s is something of a fixation of mine these days). Not quite a precursor to von Hausswolff, but rather enticing.

3 – Fhievel & Luca Sigurtà – ‘Weaving’ – The Wheel – Italy, 2008

A wonderful mix of pseudo-mechanical sound recorded in situ with electronic elements periodically dominating. Sigutà is one to watch these days, as after a more or less 3 year hiatus, he has three excellent releases to his name this year alone. Find more of his work at Soundcloud.

4 – Need Thomas Windham – Untitled – Employment PatternsUnited States, 2002

Absolutely gorgeous album full of extroverted harmonics, introverted rumblings and unexpected silences. I’m unsure of whether it is as quiet as I always assume, or if I pay more attention than usual – either way, it makes for very rewarding listening. Still available from Antiopic.

5 – Shrilltower – Untitled – Copper And Tin – United States, 1992

One of a handful of calms on an otherwise raucous album. More on this release here.

6 – David Mott – ‘Continuum’ – Musicworks 95: Summer 2006 – Canada, 2006

Granted, I don’t play the saxophone, but unless this is somehow mixed electronically, I don’t understand how he breathes . . .

7 – Kevin Parks & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang – ‘Confessions Of A Middle School Guidance Counselor’ – Confessions Of A Middle School Guidance Counselor – South Korea / China, 2011

Available in flac or 320 kbps mp3 at Homophoni.

Get the full show (streaming or download) here.