Kevin Drumm, Jessica Rylan, Joe Colley – Pure

Originally a digital release by Musica Excentrica, this became unavailable when the label folded in October of 2008. Noise-laden tracks by three of the United States’ heavy-weights (though Rylan appears to have ceased producing music since), each recorded live at Club DOM (take care in what you search for) in Moscow on November 13, 2006.

Joe Colley‘s opening track is a little lacklustre. While he conjures up some interesting mechanical elements, and the (what sound like) tape experiment portions of the track pique interest, as a whole it meanders too much and too far to sound cohesive. It is by no means uninteresting, but really a track for completists (I’m sure there are some out there), and not something to judge his usually stellar collection of work by.

Drumm‘s recording finds him pushing sparks of feedback over slowly building drones of over-compressed noise which becomes remarkable harmonic by the end of its 12 minute span. Sub-woofers recommended.

On the other hand Jessica Rylan produces what is, to me, the most evocative piece of music she has ever commit to recording. While not stylistically different from most of her work, perhaps even more straightforward structurally, there is something about the lullaby-like quality of her vocals bleeding into static fronted by an utterly relentless oscillating pulse that fascinates, horrifies and completely entrances. Don’t listen to it if you are even remotely emotionally unwell, as it will certainly push you over whatever psychological edge you were previously teetering on. Essential listening.

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