Kevin Drumm / Pita – Split

Call me old-fashioned, but I never really got over Kevin Drumm’s early works. Don’t get me wrong, Land of Lurches certainly has its place in the pantheon of classic . . . whatever kind of music you want to call it (noise, sure, but such noise). Kevin’s opening track on this split, however, displays an odd delicacy of texture that was commonplace in his material from the era and also a chaos of form that prefigures his later work. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to check out Second, though his work with Leif Elggren as Triangles may have slipped under the radar.

Pita is in a similarly seminal form. While he has never eschewed melody, ‘CE3’ has a more placid pace than what we normally associate with the Get ___ series and related albums on MEGO. The remaining pair of tracks show a little more of the DSP work that would come to dominate Peter Rehberg’s style.

By no means amateur, or even sophomore, efforts, the record is nonetheless an interesting look at each artist’s early compositions.

Thanks are due to no longer forgotten music for the help.

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