Soundscape Sanctions . . .

Introducing our new section for review-specific posts – Soundscape Sanctions. Our archives of have occasionally been adopted for album reviews, perhaps filling a void left by the hiatuses or hibernations of classics like WHITE_LINE and Bagatellen. While that’s all well and good, given the recent influx of material to our address explicitly for review purposes, I suppose it is time that we here at Cut And Run added one more facet to the (in order) radio show cum live music curator cum events calendar cum archive cum music blog.

I currently imagine that the reviews will be largely written by yours truly (Brian Beaudry / Vehscle), will generally only feature music that I, or a fellow Soundscapee, like, and will be rather brief. While constructive criticism (read: destructive) certainly has its place, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to commit those thoughts to writing here. As for brevity, there are plenty of people more eloquent and educated than I with unique insights into the sound world we all relate to on somewhat uniquely subjective and idiosyncratic terms, and I would not pretend that anything written here is more, or even as, worthy as numerous other examples of this service (see Just Outside or Continuo for particularly striking examples). Nonetheless it will at least be a medium to share whatever the members of our little collective are most excited about these days and which fall through the (sometimes substantial) cracks within the Soundscape programme.

Feel free to send digital submissions, with links, to our e-mail address. Physical copies of submissions, which are generally added to our (non-profit, co-operative) radio station’s archives, can be sent here:

Soundscape c/o Vancouver Co-Operative Radio
110 – 360 Columbia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 4J1

Much thanks to everyone who has submitted material. We look forward to hearing whatever post-pop compositions you have to offer.