Ron Nagorcka – Lovregana – Music From A Tasmanian Forest

Work from 1990 almost exclusively using samples of birds from Tasmania as source material. This comes to me thanks to Alex Muir’s digging through the music library at SFU up the mountain in Burnaby.

I will be the first to admit that I can’t hack everything on this release. Nagorcka‘s various electronic treatments can sound dated to these modern ears, and occasionally (especially on the pieces with digeridu) stray into the new age territory which I avoid like the bubons. Nonetheless, a rather oddball aesthetic makes it a worthwhile listen, and Nagorcka’s use of just intonation is somehow appropriate for treatments of bird song. The first pair of tracks could almost be a sample-based interpretation of the music of the Baschet brothers (previously posted about here), with a kind of futurist appeal.

Get it here.