Bryan Lewis Saunders – Lee Gamble / CM von Hausswolff – Stream Of Unconscious Volume 8

Three tracks using the readings of Bryan Lewis Saunders as material/catalyst. I follow von Hausswolff’s work rather closely, and after hearing this release, will begin to follow Lee Gamble‘s as well. Using ‘Personal attributes and identifier deconstructions, computer audio, voice re-synthesis and manipulations’, he builts an incredibly tense atmosphere of almost entomological character, before breaking it apart into something akin to a lullaby, and pushing it back to digital noise atop a gradually building bass pulse. Excellent work.

CM von Hausswolff’s side sounds like CM von Hausswolff, albeit unplugged. Whether the source of the sound is digital or analogue (reminiscent of Ryu Hankil’s work with typewriters), between the dynamic acoustics of that and Saunders’ voice, this time almost untouched, it sounds like a recording of a live performance. As tense as the start of Gamble’s piece, though in an entirely different and unrelenting manner – notably the second piece (10c/s – or cycles per second), which makes for a pretty manic experienc, and can easily be used to scare off company who have overstayed their welcome.

Not sure if the cassette is still available – it seems the label page is either under maintenance or now defunct, but you can probably try contacting Saunders himself.

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