Arpebu [RP Boo] – Dude Off 59th Street

Maybe a little late to post this one, as it does seem to have already made its round through a few other sites. Nonetheless, not the easiest album to find, and something to give a little context to DJ Clap’s Premiere – which is otherwise floating alone in the sea of tape experiments and ethnomusicology that largely constitutes Lost & Found. Worth grabbing for the first trio of tracks alone, starting with ‘Dark-Knights’ which has that hyphy jazz-sampling that is so often used to perfection by DJ Spinn.

Fully mixed from start to finish, and mostly featuring the work of Arpebu himself, it can make for a bit of a monolithic listening experience – if you are looking for singles to mix into a set of your own, this may not be for you (though the time spent on the crossfader for most juke can be mercifully short if hellishly frequent). That said, RP Boo‘s own work tends to the darker and more spastic side of things, giving plenty of intense moments for the dancefloor, headphones or attic studio.

Get it here.