November 7, 2012 – The DECISION 2012 Hangover Effect

There are, what, 24 million registered voters in Canada? About 15 million of whom actually vote.  That is approximately 12.8% of America’s projected turnout from this election – or somewhere between the electoral weight of Texas and California. Given the turnout at our last election, we may not even be that far removed from Americans’ own voting behaviour. Just sayin’ . . .

You know what, at this point I don’t even care if our votes get counted – but at least collecting them would be a nice gesture.

More details to follow . . . .

1 – The Indiana Midnights – ‘Mitt Romney’s Haunted Yacht’ – United States, 2012

The track is called ‘Mitt Romney’s Haunted Yacht’ and it sounds vaguely like just that – my hands were clearly tied.

2 – Kai Fagaschinski – ‘I’m Afraid Of Americans Too’ – Berlin Reeds – Germany, 2003

The above clip is courtesy of Kai himself, details can be found here.

While the novelty of extended technique has come and gone, there continue to be particular artists who practice something that ends up being so much more. Kai is certainly one of them. He also happens to be a nice guy, so give him some help:

“[this message is for people who have more money than they need for their own purposes and like the idea of sharing it.]

there is not much money to earn with this music and even though I also have a nightwatch job, I have quite some trouble covering the costs of my very low-standard life style. for this reason, i would like to ask you (rich people) for donations. there are many possible ways of helping me:

  • you could give me some money to pay my bills and reduce my debts.
  • you could give me a monthly kind of pension just like the good old patrons did in earlier times.
  • you could buy me some of the equipment i need (like a laptop computer, studio microphones, a better clarinet, etc.) and offset the costs against your tax bill.
  • you could support a cd production by covering a part or the whole of the costs.
  • you could invite me to your holiday castle in brittany for a residency so as to allow me to work on my music undisturbed.
  • if you are a rich woman, of course you could marry me as well. i would be a talented housewife.

if you think you can help me in any way, please get in contact with me. thank you!

kai fagaschinski

p.s.: please do not get in contact with me if you earned your money in the atomic power industry, the armaments industry or businesses with a similar degree of perversity.”

3 – Christopher DeLaurenti – ‘Found C-SPAN Inaugural Soundscape, January 20, 2009’- Found C-SPAN Inaugural Soundscape, January 20, 2009 – United States, 2009

A track available for free download (under a CC license) from and/OAR here. An interesting found sound piece, with moments of what seems like electronic work, overheard conversations, comments not meant to be heard (or at least easily misinterpreted (eg. ‘I am a lefty, so you are just going to have to get used to it.’)) and a slew of other odd fragments.

4  – T.R.I.v.M. – ‘Throbbing Voices’ – Election USA 2012 – A Sound Reaction – Solvakia, 2012

You can find the full release at Bandcamp.

5 – Philippopolis – ‘Obama Unleashed’ – Philippopolis – Canada, 2011

You can find the rest of this release at Bandcamp too.

6 – Stilluppsteypa + TV POW – ‘Michigan Impossible’ – We Are Everyone In The Room – Iceland / United States, 2001

Get the full show (streaming or download) here.