Pascal Comelade – Ready-Made

An early 7″ by Pascal Comelade (who likely needs no introduction here), released on his own imprint, Parasite. As in much of his work, we are treated to a series of vignettes, not linked in style, instrumentation or tone, but simply by Comelade’s recognizable style. His work has always seemed perfectly suited to cinema – not in the facile sense of most soundtracks (beginning and ending nowhere), but in its tactful and tacit engagement with the archetype. It always manages to invoke some kind of happiness in the mundane. As with some of Aphex Twin’s work (to use just one nostalgic example), Pascal Comelade made music that one senses has always existed (granted, much of his work consisted of covers).

To top it off the cover happens to be one of the most haunting architectural projects of the last century – Vladimir Tatlin’s Monument To The Third International. I would love to get into some theory on the practical constraints of constructivist architecture, and the symbolism (not to say irony) of its use in the Soviet creation myth, but that may be a little off-topic (if indeed this place has a topic). Not sure what it says about the music, though the title could connote Dadaism – a  contemporaneous movement diametrically opposed in pretty much every way to constructivism, especially in the sociological implications of technology. The album is half acoustic and half electronic . . . anyways . . .

Get it here.

Well, I can’t help myself – forget the models and look to the renderings of the building in situ: