Keith Chesher & Pete Willsher – Electroshake

While the title invokes thoughts of some kind of late-era disco compilation, the album is in fact rather harder to qualify; and further, dates back to 1968. Starting with twangy country and reverb-soaked psychedelic rock (an example of which follows), moving to instrumental avantgarde preludes, and ending with analogue synth experiments, there is a range of composition here far greater than on your average Music De Wolfe album.

What encouraged me to post this particular example of De Wolfe’s incredibly extensive collection of  library music is a set of three tracks from the middle of the recording: ‘Generator Foxtrot’, ‘Time Machine’ and, most importantly, the eponymous ‘Electroshake’. While each of the three uses industrial-esque percussion, the latter sound like an instrumental precursor to drum and bass, with surf-rock guitar playing over top, and quite simply must be heard to be believed. Hard to fathom that a potential customer of De Wolfe would (after browsing through hundreds of albums of music composed with television spots, radio advertisements and B movies in mind) settle on this piece to score their Wheatabix commercial, but who knows?

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