September 12, 2012 – Are Wind

A compilation of Soundscape-appropriate (and otherwise) music featuring instruments and sources of sound which vibrationally manipulate the air directly, as opposed to through the use of an intermediary medium, such as a string or speaker cone. AKA the flute show. Except their are also some clarinets, which don’t really count. As well as at least one saxophone. So, yeah.

Apologies for the numerous unknown artists; artistic credit was sacrificed in the interest of artistic merit, which is perhaps what all those white male ethnomusicologists (the highly respectable Hugh Tracey aside, of course) were thinking. Probably not though.

1 – Unknown Armenian Artist – ‘Air Du Berger / Shepherd’s Tune’ – Arménie – Musique Instrumentale – Armenia, 197X

2 – Unknown Yemeni Artist – ‘Hakfat’ – North Yemen – Yemen, 1978

3 – Sabu Orimo – ‘本手の調べ’ – Susabu – Japan, 2006

Orimo is reinventing the shakuhachi using the traditional scales and glissandos of the honkyoku mode and using them in uniquely forceful improvisations. As capable of lulling the listener into a meditative state as of absolutely fierce staccato playing on par with Peter Brötzmann, his technique is always deft. You can find more on Susabu here, as well as an example of his live performance below.

4 – Fataleka – ‘Solo On The Bundle Panpipe, Tala ‘Au Or Susuku ‘ – Fataleka And Baegu Music – Malaita, Solomon Islands – Solomon Islands, 1973

5 – Esteban Algora, Alessandra Rombola, Ingar Zach – ‘Alabastro’ – ….De Las Piedras – Norway, Spain, 2008

6 – Dirashe Tribe – ‘Dirashe Syncopated Panpipes’ – Staring Into The Sun – Ethiopia, 2012

Like ‘Hakfat’, above, this piece could just as easily find itself on a Shandar release of American 1970s serialism as on (in this case) a Sublime Frequencies compilation from Ethiopia. Mesmerizing, well, syncopation is made all the more alarming with buzzing bursts of horns and voice. Quite unlike the normal fare exhibited by the label (I do not say that begrudgingly whatsoever), Olivia Wyatt has found material equally as raw as the psychedelic guitar jams from Niger, but almost completely free of western influence. An amazing record still available here, among many distros (as well as Red Cat, here in Vancouver).

7 – Unknown Japanese Artist – ‘Bitchu Kagura’ – Folk Music Of Japan – Japan, 1962

8 – Vehscle – ‘Alcove On The Study Of Pressure (Snow) Removal’ – Hiraeth – Canada, 2009

9 – Moniek Darge – ‘Stormflugle’ – Soundies – Belgium, 1981

10 – Baegu – “Struck And Blown Tubes, Sukute ” – Fataleka And Baegu Music – Malaita, Solomon Islands – Solomon Islands, 1973

11 – Xavier Charles, Michel Doneda, Jean Pallandre – ‘Gaycre, Part 4’ – Gaycre – Canada, France, 1999

12 – Stefan Thut – ‘AM Wind’ – AM Wind – United States, 2011

13 – Antranik Askarian & Khatchadour Khatchaturian – ‘A Lament’ – Arménie – Musique de Tradition Populaire – Armenia, 1970

Get the full show here.