Claudio Rocchetti – [Another] Fall Of Chrome

No, this is not a re-post of The Fall of Chrome, but rather a unique recording in the series of that release. Confusing? Head to the previous post for more information.

This version’s seams run closer to the surface than the last, with more definitive boundaries (at least to my ears) between the original dub and Rocchetti’s work. Though I found the previous cassette a bit more evocative because of the ambiguity of source, this one certainly makes for a more startling experience. It appears to have been originally a recording of Argento Vivo, which is crossed out on the labels, and then Nocturnus – The Key, before its current reincarnation. Both Nocturnus and Venom (the original of the previously posted version) were metal bands from the late 80s and early 90s. Appropriate, seeing as how Claudio just released a cassette of metal bootlegs with a book of Italian metal band logos.

Argento Vivo, on the other hand, was a compilation from the same era of avantgarde film soundtracks, including the likes of Keith Emerson and Ennio Morricone. Whether this is a chronological tour through Rocchetti’s own listening history, or merely happenstance, the aggregation of writing, sound material, magnetic interference and history makes for an engaging listen.

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