Postal Sound Distribution Project – Crustacés Tapes

I personally spend more time in the digital realm than the analogue these days, but this project is interactive enough to lure me back to actually playing tapes in my cassette deck, instead of merely ripping them. Equal parts audio art, DIY and Canada Post, Crustacés tapes is a “postal sound distribution project”. They have released three cassettes to date, including work by Anne-F Jacques, Miguel A. García, Tomas Grís & John Brennan (technical coordinator at VIVO here in Vancouver).

To receive a tape, send a postcard or gift to:

4555 Pontiac
Montréal, QC
H2J 2T2

Package things! Meet people! Get mail! Listen to music!

If you prefer to cheat (I personally won’t hold it against you, but they might?), you can find their releases at Bandcamp.

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  1. 25 November , 2012

    it won’t be held against you, but there’s only excerpts on bandcamp! (we cheat too…) tape number 4 is coming soon (soon in the realm of slow things, so soonish). get your stamps ready…

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