August 29, 2012 – Live Music Past, Present and Future

Tonight’s show features a review of recent live music events in Vancouver, and previews of artists soon to peform in the city (Patrick Wolf not included).

1 – ON [Sylvain Chauveau, Steven Hess, Pierre-Yves Macé] – ‘I’ – Second Souffle – France & United States, 2007

Sylvain Chauveau will be joined by Joseph Hirabayashi for a performance at The Western Front on October 4, 2012.

2 – En [James Devane, Maxwell August Croy] – ‘Live at VIVO in Vancouver, BC – 8-9-12’ – unreleased – United States, 2012

You can find the full recording of the live sets from that evening by both Illuha and En here. Co-hosted by Brian Beaudry (Cut & Run) and Mathieu Ruhlmann (caduc.).

3 – Akio Suzuki – ‘Ta Yu Ta I # 2’ – Odds And Ends – Japan, 197X (2002)

Akio Suzuki and Otomo Yoshihide will be performing on September 22, 2012 at the Orpheum Annex. The evening is curated by Aki Onda, and should not be missed.

4 – Robin Hayward & Roberto Fabbriciani – ‘Adagio’ – Nella Basilica – England & Italy – 2010

A concert based on a graphical score featuring Borromean Rings will be performed by Robin Hayward and Christopher Williams (aka. Reidemeister Move) at The Western Front on September 6, 2012. You can find more information, as well as the score itself, here.

5 – Grouper – ‘Sleep (Fragment)’ – Sleep (Fragment) – United States, 2012

Liz Harris (Grouper) installed 4 unique sound sources in the abandoned polar bear enclosure in Stanley Park on August 16, 2012. Each source used material present in this recording, the vinyl release of which also debuted that evening.

The album was released by Vancouver’s own Fillip, and while pre-order is no longer available, it will soon be up for sale on Mississippi Records / Little Axe.

6 – Mathieu Ruhlmann – ‘The Shortest Path From Pebble to God I’ – Fourteen Worms For Victor Hugo – Canada, 2009

Mathieu Ruhlmann and Kristin Roos played objects and a sruti box at VIVO alongside Illuha and En on August 9th. This solo recording by Mathieu treads different ground just as effectively. His newest release is available on caduc.