Claudio Rocchetti – The Fall Of Chrome

Since a good portion of this cassette has already been posted indirectly through one of our shows, and it has further been out of print for some time, I thought I would post the full release here. Stay tuned, as I have another (unique) copy on its way by air, land and/or sea. Should be interesting to compare the two . . . To reiterate from ‘Long Forms’:

A fascinating project involving manipulations (subtle or otherwise) of found-cassettes. As the listener is never certain which elements are composed by Rocchetti, which were originally recorded to the cassette, and which are simply artifacts of the unknown age and condition of the tape, one is left in a rather Borgesian space of auditory solipsism, where the lines of causation are quite blurred.

More details on the project are here (.pdf) courtesy of Daniela Cascella, which may soon be accompanied by a literary release. Originally release by Tulip records. Highly recommended work.

This particular cassette appears to have originally been dubbed with Venom – Welcome To Hell.

Get it here.

Old link.