Voices and Echoes – Akio Suzuki, Otomo Yoshihide & Gozo Yoshimasu, curated by Aki Onda at Orpheum Annex

A blindingly talented group of artists – and rarely seen in Vancouver. A must see for Soundscapees . . .

Voices and Echoes
Curated by Aki Onda

Saturday, September 22, 2012; 8PM
Orpheum Annex (823 Seymour Street, 2nd Floor)
Advance Tickets $15 regular, $10 students/seniors available from www.brownpapertickets.ca/1.800.838.3006
$19/$15 at the door

Voices and Echoes is a landmark tour of pioneering Japanese artists renowned for their unique, interdisciplinary approaches to sound-based practices: Akio Suzuki, and Gozo Yoshimasu & Otomo Yoshihide.
The performances will span a wide array of artistic disciplines including literature, sound art, conceptual performance, and improvisation – all converging around a theme of highly personalized, experimental approaches to sound perception, production, and presentation.

Sound artist Akio Suzuki will perform on a range of unique instruments including an ancient stone flute (Iwabue) that has been passed down through his family for many generations, and Analapos – an instrument he invented in the 1970s that creates echoes through the acoustic transmissions of a spiral cord stretched between two metal cylinders.

Experimental poet Gozo Yoshimasu performs using a unique “vocalization” recitation style, which relies upon a highly rhythmic delivery and intense vocal modulations. Yoshimasu will perform in collaboration with Otomo Yoshihide, an experimental guitarist/turntablist and leading figure in the international contemporary noise and improv landscape.

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