February 15, 2012 – Long Forms

A brief post for this one, as its production was slightly rushed, and I am having trouble concentrating. I am typing this during the show, and it appears that the equipment in the control room has gained sentience, realized humans are ruining the planet and is single-handedly attempting to save us all by performing experiments on behalf of the ITER designed to achieve the temperature required to induce nuclear fusion – around 200 million degrees Celsius.

1) Anode – ‘Trips North, Trips South, Not Intended For Consumption – Anode – United States – 1979

Great work, you can find more on it in this previous post.

2) Francisco Meirino – ‘Another Failed Intuition (Again)’ – My Voice Is Unique – 2011 – Switzerland

Another release in the Antifrost Voice Tapes Series, with additional links, is available here. I was not terribly familiar with Meirino’s work until this release, but it certainly makes me want to find more. Both sides are amazing, but the marching bass line at the end of this track, with various samples of the eponymous line, ‘my voice is unique’, is strangely my favourite part.

3) Vehscle – ‘Sidereal’ – Left For Living – Canada – 2009

A piece by this show’s host, Brian Beaudry. During one particularly intense recording session a number of years ago, a patch I often used at the time (basically a delay-feedback matrix produced by Cycling ’74) was being particularly unruly with most of the source material I had on hand. After numerous attempts over several days to coax something texturally interesting out of the thing, but getting only effects worthy of a science fiction b-movie, I eventually quite literally threw my headphones down and stormed off. Returning later, I realized there was still sound emanating from the rudely discarded device. I hit record, and with some improvisation created almost exactly what appears on this track (minus the fields, which were recorded before the session and mixed at a later date).

Haven’t been able to reproduce something as generative with that patch since – I think it is messing with me.

4) Claudio Rocchetti – ‘Untitled’ – The Fall of Chrome
Italy – 2010

A fascinating project involving manipulations (subtle or otherwise) of found-cassettes. As the listener is never certain which elements are composed by Rocchetti, which were originally recorded to the cassette, and which are simply artifacts of the unknown age and condition of the tape, one is left in a rather Borgesian space of auditory solipsism, where the lines of causation are quite blurred.

More details on the project are here courtesy of Daniela Cascella, which should soon be accompanied by a literary release. There may still be copies (each one being unique) of the cassette series at Tulip records. Highly recommended work.

You can get the full show here.