Shrilltower – Copper And Tin

Continuing with the recent theme of electro and industrial tapes from the mid 80s to early 90s, I present a compilation material from 1988 to 1991 by Milaukee, Wisconsin based industrial band Shrilltower. I first stumbled accross this album at Rubbish Nation, whose uploads were unfortunately recently seized. So this one is dedicated to Dr. Pat Rubbish.

Fairly typical of early 90s industrial before it forsook its tape-experiment roots. Harsh, heavy guitar distortion, occasional punk rhythms, but still largely founded on treatments of non-instruments and tapes. Shrilltower is especially fond of various metal implements and even power tools – interpreting the industrial genre rather literally. An interesting project with a couple of impressive highlights: I am partial to the goth-infused ‘Solitary Hell’ and the heavily atmospheric ‘Hair Currents’ (in its first appearance on track A7), though the repeatedly rising and falling drums on ‘Manual Difficulties’ have their own particular hypnotic appeal.

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