Various – Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol 3
















Unlike its by now well-distributed precursors, Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, the third edition does not yet seem to be widely available. Obviously you already have a copy in the mail on its way to you from Sahel Sounds as I type, but I figured I could save you the trouble of archiving it.

Just as interesting a diversity of material as the first two volumes. Probably just as full of miscredits too, so check back here, or Sahel Sounds itself, for updates on the corrected artist names. Not yet sure how I feel about autotuned pop Raï vocals (though Tahoultine, by Mdou Moctar on previous Sahel Sounds editions, goes a long way towards quelling those concerns), but there is plenty enough equally questionable and engaging material here to be found. One highlight is Thialé Arby’s track on side B, which has some excellent syncopated rhythms and a guitar solo that lasts half the track – what more could you ask for?

Get it here.