सølγ שаябlɛş – Rest Not In Peace

For those of us among the file-sharing community, the shutdown of Holy Warbles, first indirectly through the seizure of Megaupload’s servers by the FBI, then directly by Blogger, is a hard blow to take. A site full of incredibly rare ethnographic and field recordings built on the idea that the music deserved to be heard and on the hope that sharing it would promote cultural appreciation and openmindedness, it ran without the slightest commercial or financial motivations (though the username Owl Qaeda probably didn’t help). This action is not a strike against privacy, but rather the privitization of a library.

For some additional background, check out this essay at Bodega Pop. If this leaves you wanting to take action yourself, I would also direct you to threeCanadian sites advocating net neutrality and freedom of information among other values: Speak Out On Copyright Reform, Michael Geist’s Blog and OpenMedia.ca. SOPA and PIPA have proven unnecessary in the widespread corporatization of information, and this is not a foreign issue. As our Conservative government looks to toe the line of the new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, we will see Canada’s SOPA doppleganger, Bill C-11 (a reincarnation of C-32), passed unless we take a stand.

In the meantime, there may yet be hope from Switzerland and Iceland, stay tuned to Righthaven.