January 18th, 2012

The 2 hour show became an elaborate preview of the Circles of Sleep show at the Western Front this upcoming weekend. This is a collection of droning lullabies, extracted from a broad range of genres, starting with Sound Art (Gordon Monahan) and moving through Soundscape Composition (Hildegard Westerkamp), Minimal Electronica (Dalot), Post Rock (Miracle Fortress, Braids), Pop-Rock (Múm, Miracle Fortress) and Vocal Studies ( Julianna Barwick, Spell).

I also included a 35min experiment, from a personal project called Normal Core, this track is an exploration the range of expression found in 2 oscillators and 3 filters, the results range from drone to a reductive proto-techo. While this is an exhaustive exploration, listeners may also find it exhausting. I find the redeeming factors are a/ the smooth transitions between such a variety of expression in such a simple setup, and b/ the quality of “brain tease” (see Maryanne Amacher, or Hecker – “Acid In The Style Of David Tudor” for profound explorations of these forces) found in these analogue wave forms.

Track List:

  1. excerpt from Speaker Swinging – Gordon Monahan – Imaginary Landscapes – 1989
  2. Breathing Room – Hildegard Westerkamp  – Electro Clips – 2000
  3. Cause and Effect – Dalot – Minutesstatic – 2011
  4. Sleep/Swim – Múm  – Finally We Are No One – 2002
  5. Lullaby For Those Too Scared To Sleep – Désormais – Iambrokenandremadeiambroken… – 2003
  6. The Magic Place  – Julianna Barwick – The Magic Place – 2011
  7. Before – Miracle Fortress – Was I the Wave – 2011
  8. Awe – Miracle Fortress – Was I the Wave  – 2011
  9. Lammicken – Braids – Native Speaker – 2011
  10. Chime 2 – Scars and Scarves – Chimes at Midnight – 2011
  11. Story Of A City – Dalot – Loop Over Latitudes – 2010
  12. Fading Away – Spell – Hex – 2011
  13. Opening – Normal Core – unreleased
  14. Lemonade – Braids – Native Speaker – 2011

Download: 1st Hour, 2nd Hour

fgc Written by:

Brady Ciel Marks, is a computational artist , who is concerned with our technological entanglement, and so creates soundscape & other things that demystifies, transgresses in & re-interprets our relationship with technology, towards a potentially free relationship to its enframing.

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