François Baschet And Bernard Baschet – Structures For Sound

The cover of this 10″ from 1965 pretty well sums up the material within – elegant, mechanical, capricious, modern. The mobiles of Tinguely brought to aural life. The good people at Continuo have done the legwork for me, so for a bit of history on Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet (as well as more releases) you can head to their site.

This particular release documents the exhibition Structures For Sound-Musical Instruments by François and Bernard Baschet which was on display at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, from October 4 to December 5, 1965 and was released by the museum itself and the French label BAM – responsible for releasing a good deal of material by Bernard Baschet and Jacques Lasry.

Their designs generally consist of four elements: vibrating elements (strings), energizing agents (bows), modulating arrangements (series of strings tuned to produce a beat frequency or modulating effect) and amplifying devices (violin bodies or even filled balloons, which François Baschet had previously used in the place of a guitar body to make it more transportable). There is a similar diversity of musical styles on the record, including a variety of interpretations of classical modes (such as danses and marches), and ending with a sort of improvised tone poem, Spontaneité – a piece which stylistically leads directly into the aeolian and resonating structures built by Mario Bertoncini and Michel Deneuve in the early 1970s.

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