Vehscle – Re-Past – Soundscape Improvisation

This piece uses field recordings from a particularly strong bout of cabin fever in Port Hardy, British Columbia in the late winter of 2010. Stuck in a motel room during a series of snowstorms, our ungodly loud mini-fridge (likely circa 1834) consistently demonstrated its talent as an uncanny impersonator of diesel engines. The noise of the compressor reminded me strongly of falling asleep next to the engine of a converted DFO vessel while moving about the coast just a few weeks prior. The sound of dripping and percolating refrigerant in the condensor was, in turn, the sound of the boat in the rain rocking against the dock at our destination later that evening (both aural events covered in an improvisation a couple weeks later).

The improvisation uses tone-generator programming and processing of the source fields in realtime. Originally broadcast on Soundscape on November 24, 2010.

Brian Beaudry – – November 2010

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