PuSh Festival: Eve Egoyan performs Ann Southam’s ‘Simple Lines of Enquiry’

Pianist Eve Egoyan is performing ‘Simple Lines of Enquiry’ at the Heritage Hall on Main for the PuSh Festival. The work was written by Canadian composer Ann Southam (1937 – 2010) specifically for Egoyan towards the end of a decade-long artistic relationship between the two musicians. Egoyan says of the piece:

In a sense, these pieces lack drama, in the stereotypical performative sense of the word. There are no contrasts, or no huge contrasts. It’s all very subtle. It’s maybe more akin to the Japanese art form of ikebana, where it’s extremely elegant and the sensibility is very distilled…. You can never sustain a note on a piano; you’re always working on something that’s going away. And I think that, on a certain level, that’s our shared experience as human beings. We’re always in a state of decay.

Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street)
Tickets $29/$15