Soon after discovering the work of Pierre Gerard four or five years ago, I rapidly became a completist. This was occasionally something of a guilty pleasure, as instead of listening purposefully I would often take advantage of the luxurious expanse of his minimalism to cleanse the palette. An excusable habit for hyper-consumers of audio like myself, but […]

We could talk Edition Wandelweiser, or Taku Sugimoto . . . but what would we really learn?
So instead, let’s talk quantum mechanics (bear with me a moment). At a small enough scale (around the Planck length – a distance small enough that it is understood only theoretically) the Heisenberg uncertainty principle allows energy to very […]

Part One – On Framing
What makes a field recording worth listening to? This question is asked more of the auditory practice than its visual cousin, photography. Similarities between the two abound – site selection and the artist’s/audience’s relation to it, aesthetic qualities, questions of perspective and framing, whether or not the document should/can be edited […]

Something calm for the dog days of summer.
1 – Chiyoko Szlavnics – ‘Constellations II’ – Canada, 2011
A piece from published on Musicworks #119 we are using here as a precursor for her first proper album, Gradients Of Detail, which will be receiving some attention here later this month.
2 – Pierre Gerard – ‘Architect Ξ, The Distance […]