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Inspired by Anne-F Jacque‘s liner note in E Millar’s no instrument machine, air we take a fresh look at Functional, Furniture and Ambient Musics.
Track Listing

Eric Satie – Selected Works 3 Furniture Music Part 1: Curtain of a Voting Booth (5:56)
Eric Satie – Selected Works –Vexations (Excerpt from the “Pages mystiques for Piano Solo”), 9m31s
E Millar […]

auxiliary sends / sound art, literature and other aural affairs / presented by elisa ferrari

Track Listing:

Fabiola Carranza – Frankincense and Flora (excerpt), 2018 (installation)
Áine O’Dwyer – “underlight” from Gallarais, 2018
Áine O’Dwyer – “dirge” from Gallarais, 2018
Gabi Dao – You and I, I and You,  2019 (installation)
Holly Herndon – “birth” from PROTO, 2018
Holly Herndon – “extreme love” from PROTO, 2018
Holly Herndon – “bridge” from PROTO, 2018
Tanya Tagaq – Split Tooth (chapter […]

After participating in the 2019 Resonance Festival – artistic transformation, mapping and sonification  Brady reviews the artists and 1st hand experience of auditing this experience.

Elisa Ferrari presents, auxiliary sends, an audio series at the “intersection of sound, literature and other aural affairs”.
Track Listing:

Yoko Ono – Aspen no. 7: “Song for John” – Aspen Magazine, Roaring Fork Press, NYC, 1970
Terre Thaemlitz – “Genrecide (I Wish Tricky’d Die Any Way I Hope)” from Comp x Comp, Comatonse Records, 2019. First released in Modulation & Transformation 4. […]

Bringing the perspective of the Cultural Organizers, Helena’s first solo show listens in on the Chip Wilson – Rave Against the Renovictions protest. Featuring an in studio interview with Tasha Speck and recordings from the event both ambience and public addresses.
This podcast, features footage & voices of Chip Wilson, Rocco Trigueros, Jean Swanson, Cease Wyss, […]