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Recordings and influences from my travels to Copenhagen and around Cape Town weave into this weeks Soundscape Show.

Track List:

Acid Arab – Gul l’Abi (feat. A-WA)
Anne Müller – Being Anne
Anne Müller – Heliopause [exclaim review]

Field Recordings:
Ads of the Simonstown Line

Brady Ciel Marks –  A Tsitsikamma Soundwalk
Brady Ciel Marks –  Simontown Line
Brady Ciel Marks –  Storms […]

On Feb 8’s show, Helena Krobath hosted work and commentary from Olivia Dreisinger, creator of the video documentary Handler is Crazy. The documentary explores the unique relationship between service animal and their handler, in this case focusing on life with PTSD and invisible illness. During the show, Helena aired the soundtrack and descriptive audio that […]

Striking out on 1st Jan 2020, Brady Cranfield reviews his year of Soundscape Shows and selects stand up cuts.
Track List:

Kali Malone – Litanic Cloth Wrung
Sarah Davachi – ‘sybil’ – thousands of eyes in the dark [VA/Comp]. Also Recommended: Pale Bloom
Ana Roxsane – it’s a rainy day on the cosmic shore – ~~~
Mary Jane Leach – ‘semper […]

auxiliary sends / sound art, literature and other aural affairs / presented by elisa ferrari

Track Listing:

Mendi + Keith Obadike – “Trouble the yellow mumble” from The sour thunder, 2002 (internet opera)
Mendi + Keith Obadike –”Follow the scent” from The sour thunder, 2002 (internet opera)
oxhy – “Psalms of the Khori Puma”, 2018 featuring Elysha Crompton
Marina Rosenfeld – “Hey Girls (It’s Not an Issue […]

Inspired by Anne-F Jacque‘s liner note in E Millar’s no instrument machine, air we take a fresh look at Functional, Furniture and Ambient Musics.
Track Listing

Eric Satie – Selected Works 3 Furniture Music Part 1: Curtain of a Voting Booth (5:56)
Eric Satie – Selected Works –Vexations (Excerpt from the “Pages mystiques for Piano Solo”), 9m31s
E Millar […]