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Bringing the perspective of the Cultural Organizers, Helena’s first solo show listens in on the Chip Wilson – Rave Against the Renovictions protest. Featuring an in studio interview with Tasha Speck and recordings from the event both ambience and public addresses.
This podcast, features footage & voices of Chip Wilson, Rocco Trigueros, Jean Swanson, Cease Wyss, […]

Kicking off a new sub-series Elisa Ferrari presents, auxiliary sends, an audio series at the “intersection of sound, literature and other aural affairs”.
Track Listing:

Felicia Atkinson – Improvising animals as delayed audiobooks in an ambient park – performance at Scriveners’ monthly, Western Front (April 18, 2019) / Western Front Archives
Excerpts from an interview with Felicia Atkinson – Cottonwood Gardens, […]

Brady Cranfield diverts the ~massive~ kickbacks that are SOCAN royalties to the deserving.

Mathieu Rulman presents a selection of Sahel Sounds.
For those of you who don’t know the Sahel is a temperate zone that stretches between the Sahara desert in the north and the tropical zones of central Africa to the south. This goldilocks (not too dry not too wet) zone of the African continent is a natural […]

Brady C. spins locals in an all Vancouver Summer Special!