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Listening to contemporary composition and avant garde or experimental works, I’ve noticed and coincidence of timbral representation, do you hear it in these works too?

Track Listing

Sean McCann – String Quartet with Ski Response – Music for Public Ensemble (2016)
Kenneth Newby, Flicker Generative Orchestra – Dance (for Mingus) – Kenneth Newby: Chambers (2017)
Sarah Davachi – Evensong – Gave In Rest (2018)
Sean McCann – Video Singing […]

Brain Dance Practitioners: RiDylan (left) Hitori Tori (Right), Photo: Brady Marks
A deep dive into Brain Dance, a genre with various interpretations; IDM under another guise, dance music with syncopation, counterpoint or high BPM (~140) employed to move attention from the feet to the head, or soundings with FM (Frequency Modulation) or resonant timbral tangles to […]

The netlabel Audiobulb has amassed a vast collection of ambient musics, we take a hour out of the swirling media storm to float above it all, and survey their most suspended recent samples.

The author stuck in a parkade in Mass Effect 2
This episode was a delight to research and put together. I discovered the ‘chill Mario study music’ trend and got to nerd out choosing epic themes and immersive soundscapes. Brady Marks shared some original vocal pitch analyses of video game characters, which we’ll follow up in […]

Contemporary selections by Alex Muir.